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Re: Last to post

PostPosted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 5:08 pm
by Salvatos
I've never been into superheroes so I can't really give any recommendations. The closest thing I got is the Vampire Hunter D series, which is about an apathetic half-vampire who's Superman++-levels of overpowered and (obviously) hunts vampires in a post-futuristic world where humanity was essentially reduced to cattle until the vampires' collective power inexplicably started to wane and humans started to really fight back. No matter how I describe it, it sounds like the worst kind of Mary Sue fan fiction I can think of, yet it's a guilty pleasure of mine. I keep wanting to see what new kinds of weird overpowered enemies the author will challenge the hero with (there's all kinds of mutant beasts and humans, vampire-manufactured demons and AIs, remnants of alien technology from alien wars long past, and actual vampires with various abilities) and wanting to find out more about the thinly veiled origins of the protagonist. If you can find the 2000 movie Bloodlust (it's on YouTube at the moment) it gives a pretty good idea of what the novels are about.